Dinosaur Dances 2.0… or even 5.0 by now

Boy has it been a while since I’ve typed away in this little WordPress editing box and I wont lie it is always tricky to come back after being away for so long. I launched this blog 5 and a half years ago (a bleedin’ long time if you ask me) and I’ve changed more than I could have imagined over that time. This space of the internet has been with me for most of the major events in my life so far. From A-levels, four years of Uni, a year at Warner Bros. to now my first grown up job, Dinosaur Dances has always been there in the background.

Starting this blog I was a quiet 17 year old who just wanted to chat about makeup, have a creative outlet and a place to call their own (which worked a treat at the time). But over the years I’ve changed a lot and I’ve struggled to hold onto the purpose of this blog. It started to feel disingenuous only sharing glossy pictures of makeup or outfits when really I’d be slobbed out in pjs having a panic attack over uni work. Or simply trying to keep it together throughout my mum’s chemotherapy. There’s been many ups and downs, but if I kept them to myself then maybe, just maybe, they weren’t happening. Putting on a brave face.

However, this left a gap between myself and Dinosaur Dances. Divulging everything was terrifying, but simply chatting about beauty felt shallow, fake. And as much I wanted to blog, I just didn’t have the words to say. However, what I’ve realised now is that this space was never about beauty, fashion, lifestyle or even ‘blogging’. It’s always been a place just for me, to help however I needed it to, my own little room of requirement if you will. And as I change, so will Dinosaur Dances.

So what next? Well I want it all. I want to write frank posts about living in London on a shoe-string without compromise. I want to chat about my favourite beauty products. I want to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly in my life. I don’t want to be worrying about SEO or followers, I just want a creative outlet that I can do what the hell I want with!

I can’t wait to get back at it, whatever ‘it’ might be now. But I’m back without filter or approval. Dinosaur Dances is back. wow, turns out version 5.0 is cringey af.


If you enjoyed this lil mini personal therapy session, then please do stick around for more!


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