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Ah Glossier, the brand of the moment. Providing the ultimate cool girl skincare, makeup and even fragrance. So it’s no surprise I’ve been lusting after anything and everything with that G logo on. Also, let’s be honest, anything that The Anna Edit recommends is already basically in my basket. I was lucky enough to receive a couple of Glossier bits for Christmas from Lewis (see what I else I got in this post) and I’ve been obsessed with them. So when I was feeling ill last week I made an accidental order (shopping doesn’t count when you’re ill right?).

Okay so first of all lets talk about the packaging and presentation. Glossier go above and beyond. The product packaging is simplistic, chic and just very well designed. But the star of the show really is in the presentation, for a reasonably priced brand, it comes with luxury extras. Everything is delivered in Glossier branded boxes (although not sure why my order needed to be in 3 separate boxes) along with their iconic pink bubble wrap zip wallets. I’m a sucker for the small things, so receiving things like stickers and samples really adds to the shopping experience. The Phase 2 Set also arrived in an extra white Glossier gift box! But onto what I picked up…

Boy Brow in Brown. If you’re a regular round these parts, then you’ll know how brow obsessed I am. So it was a given this would end up in my collection and from first impressions it’s fantastic. Very much like my beloved Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown, however adds much more volume to the brows meaning its great for using alone for naturally full brows.

Stretch Concealer in Light. I seem to suffer from dry under eyes (or maybe just wrinkly, I am 22 now after all) and therefore concealer doesn’t always sit very well. So I’m really excited to try this formula as it’s very moisturising and lightweight. It doesn’t have the best coverage, so I might need to get a little more sleep to solve these eye bags instead of relying on cakey concealer!

Generation G Lipstick in Cake. Okay so did I need this, no. But it was better value to get everything within the Phase 2 Set and you can’t blame me for bargain hunting right? However I’m really pleased with the Generation G Lipstick, it’s very much a ‘me’ formula, meaning it’s easy to throw on with minimal effort. The shade Cake is also a gorgeous everyday peachy nude.

Solution. Okay so this product has been getting quite the attention since launching a few weeks ago. Not all of it good to be honest, but I was too tempted and needed to give it a go for myself. I’m a huge fan of chemical exfoliators and owe Alpha H Liquid Gold a lot for removing my acne scars. First impressions of the Glossier offering are good, however it’s a bit early to tell. I will say that I love the cotton pad dispenser style packaging, however dislike that it comes in yet another layer of plastic packaging (we’re trying to save the planet here you know!).

Jumper. Here’s where my spendy spree got a little out of hand and I pressed *add to basket* on the Glossier Jumper. I’ve lusted after this ever since they released it for public purchase. It’s incredibly comfortable and cosy and perfect for my current gym kit only student lifestyle.

I’d love your recommendations of what I should pick up next!

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  1. 20th June 2018 / 10:19 pm

    absolutely love glossier! have so many things from them and trying to hold myself back from getting the jumper… but if it’s as cosy as you say it is I may just have to get it..

    • Lucy
      1st August 2018 / 10:37 pm

      It’s such a gorgeous jumper, so soft and snuggly!

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