5 Favourite Face Masks

Top 5 Face Masks for all skin types I am a face mask fanatic, not only are they great for your skin but the ultimate excuse to for a cosy night in pamper. I pop a face mask on around twice a week and have hoarded quite the collection over the years. So I thought it was about time to share a few of my top face masks, now who’s got the cucumber slices ready?

Glamglow Youthmud. This is my number one, can’t live without face mask. If you want instant results then this is the fella for you. I’m about to run out of my second tub and at £42 a pot, I’m very glad my friend Hannah has made it a tradition to get me one for my birthday! The original Youthmud formula is very powerful and can cause a strong tingle when first used, but I find it instantly resurfaces my skin and removes any texture. I also really like how grainy it is, allowing a good physical exfoliate when removing the mask. Have a big day coming up? Use this the night before for perfect skin guaranteed.

Kiehl’s Turmeric and Cranberry Seed. This is like the little sister of the Glamglow Youthmud, not as harsh but a great one for troublesome skin. This mask is a fab combination between deep cleansing and brightening, it’s a stash staple. The cranberry seeds give a lovely texture for exfoliating when removing the mask, giving further skin brightening properties. At £29 it’s still not cheap, but will last a very long time. It’s great for most skin types so would make a perfect gift, did someone mention Christmas…

Decleor Hydra Floral. Now it’s not all about the harsh detoxifying face masks, often all my skin needs is some good hydration. There are loads of lovely hydrating masks on the market (Origins Drink-up Intensive is another fave) but Decleor Hydra Floral takes top spot. It is initially a white cream that’s very light in texture, but once massaged into the skin turns into an oil. Simply leave it on for 10 mins, or a few hours in my case, then wipe of the excess with a cloth. I love it because it’s incredibly nourishing, smells like a spa treatment and as it’s not an overnight treatment you’re not left sticking to your pillow!

Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore. This is my calming mask. For the days when your skin feels red, inflamed and generally angry. It’s a classic mud mask, formulated with Amazonian White Clay to really drag out impurities. Leave on until dry and you’ll be left with clear calm skin. And at £23.50 for a giant 125ml tub it’s pretty good value for money.

Glamglow Supermud. More Glamglow, surprise surprise. This is very similar to the Youthmud version, however it’s much less grainy in texture and more like a classic mud mask. I tend to use this as a targeted treatment on blemish prone areas to help settle pesky spots. Although I’d recommend the classic formula over the Supermud, I love using a variety of masks so my skin doesn’t get too used to any single one. I find it really helps the masks to keep working at their best, also a great excuse to buy more! P.S. you can currently get a double size pot of Supermud for the same price, bargain!

Please do let me know your favourite face masks, I’ll get my shopping list ready.


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