The Perfect Pair for Valentine’s Day

IMG_7394 IMG_7401 IMG_7406Ahh Valentine’s Day, it’s that time again. A time where most people complain about the corporate marketing scam forcing you to buy your loved ones a smooshy card and some chocolates. But that’s not how I see it at all. Who cares if the CEO of Clintons is laughing as you reluctantly hand over £3 for a tacky card, if there’s an excuse to stop, slow down and appreciate the people you love then why the heck not?

I’ve always loved this time of year, from back in the day when myself and my best friends would celebrate Galentine’s Day by getting cheesy little gifts for each other or fast forward to today where I have the best boy in the world to actually call my Valentine (I just vommed a little). It’s actually mine and Lewis’ 2nd anniversary the day after Valentine’s Day so I can’t wait to have an excuse to be super soppy, eat as much as possible and warrant extra cuddles.

Now when it comes to gifting it’s quite a tricky one for us as within the last couple of months we’ve had Christmas and both of our 21st Birthday’s. So I for one have run out of ideas! But what better than fragrance? Both myself and Lewis are huge fragrance fans and have ever expanding collections, so when Hugo Boss asked if I’d like to try The Scent For Him* and The Scent For Her* I jumped at the chance. Could it get any cuter than matching perfumes?

I hadn’t really heard much about these specific fragrances before however I’m a big fan of some other Hugo Boss ones (don’t tell Lewis that I often steal his Boss Bottled) so was excited to test them. Now lets just start off by saying I’ve not worn any other perfume for the last few weeks, The Scent For Her is simply beautiful. It’s a gorgeous combination of feminine sweetness, light florals and crisp freshness. My absolute favourite. Think Marc Jacobs Daisy or Chanel Chance Eu Tendre for reference. And do I even need to mention the luxurious packaging?

The Scent For Him follows a very similar tone with it being very light and fruity, the perfect scent for spring summer. I actually think I’ll be wearing this one myself as Lewis will never be parted from his beloved Boss Bottled!

Fragrance is a timeless gift and something I’ll always be thrilled to receive! What Valentine’s gifts are you planning to give alongside that tacky Clintons card?


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