How To Cheat Bigger Lips

IMG_6484_FotorHow To naturally make lips biggerHow To Get Naturally Big LipsMy lips are rubbish, they’re not very full and they’re practically translucent as well. But not to fear, I can still pretend to be a long lost cousin of Kylie Jenner through the magic of makeup. More specifically through the magic of MAC Whirl Lip Liner in order to cheat my way to naturally looking plump lips.

Through a lot of trial and error I have finally found the perfect product and technique to create bigger lips. As mentioned, MAC Whirl Lip Liner is the ideal product for me as it has very similar undertones to my natural lip colour and therefore I can build it up without looking too crazy.

When it comes to the application I’ve learnt a few important tips. Firstly, start with moisturised lips, no one wants cracked lips ruining the illusion, am I right? Secondly, don’t use a sharp pencil, you’ll only end up with a very harsh, unnatural drawn on line. Instead use a slightly blunt pencil and gently build up the colour until you’re happy, blending as you go. This will give the most natural finish. Finally, using gentle circular motions I concentrate the colour in the centre in order to ‘plump’ the middle of the lips and create a pouty effect.

And there we have it, only a *few* simple steps to bigger looking lips. Who needs lip fillers when you’ve got Whirl eh!


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