Benefit Gimme Brow

NEW Benefit Gimme BrowGimme Brow BeforeGimme Brow AfterBrows, brows, brows, I can’t get enough of the things and after the Benefit Brow launch, I’m full on brow crazy. Benefit kindly sent us home from the event with the brand new Gimme Brow* and although I own and love the old version already this is my first time using it solo.

To me Gimme Brow is a fantastic brow gel, keeps those hairs in place, adds some colour but I always use it after filling my brows in with a brow pomade. But what about those lazy days where I don’t have time for perfect brows, but I also don’t want to go outside with the bedraggled things pictured above, enter Gimme Brow. I personally prefer shade 5 (or the previous shade deep) as it darkens my brows to better match my hair colour, but if you’re after something slighter lighter then keep your eyes peeled for the brand new shade! The picture above is using only Gimme Brow and I think the results are fab, I just use the tiny brush to run through my brow hairs, however to get a more precise brow I use the end of the wand to almost draw onto the skin. For example at the front of my brows, the line underneath and the tail.

And hey presto, natural full brows at the stroke of a wand! I can’t wait to test out some more products from the range and don’t get me started on how beautiful the new packaging is, insert heart eyed emoji!


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