Look Good Feel Better at Maggie’s Centre

IMG_5291_FotorIMG_5262_FotorIMG_5252_Fotor IMG_5287_FotorIMG_5269_FotorA few days ago (4th of Feb) was World Cancer Day so I thought it the perfect time to post about my trip to Maggie’s Centre with my mum for a Look Good Feel Better makeup session.

In the summer of 2015 my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, which of course was an awful shock and something no one wishes to hear. But as always my amazing mum is powering through treatment with a smile on her face and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

There is a lot of amazing support available for those going through cancer, one of which being Maggie’s Centre. Maggie’s Centre is a fantastic charity offering free advice, support and care with amazingly designed buildings based at major NHS cancer hospitals. Whether you’re there to see one of the trained professionals or just for a cup of tea in the beautiful building, you feel welcomed and relaxed (I fell in love with the interior design). Maggie’s Centre also host outside charities and we popped along for a makeup session with Look Good Feel Better.

Look Good Feel Better are again another fantastic cancer charity offering women and teenagers the opportunity to take part in a session where they can try new products, chat and generally feel better! I went with my mum to watch the ladies makeup session and it was fantastic! There were about 13 women there and each of them were given a giant bag of makeup and skincare goodies to use and take home. With instructions provided by the lovely head makeup artist the ladies followed along using products from Liz Earle, Urban Decay, No.7, Clarins and many more.

As a makeup obsessive it was lovely to see these ladies trying out fantastic new products and getting tailored tips to suit them. But more than just the fun of applying makeup, this was a great opportunity to chat to others going through the same thing and generally have a fun few hours. In the space of an afternoon the session went from a class of quiet ladies to tables full of makeup and laughter over cups of tea.

I am so glad I had the pleasure of witnessing these 2 fantastic charities in action and that Dinosaur Dances can shed a little spotlight on them. I urge you to check out these charities and support them in any way you can, I’m contemplating a little twitter petition to encourage brands to donate makeup brushes to Look Good Feel Better, as it pained me to see blusher being applied with cotton pads! #Brushes4LGFB What do you think? Are you with me!



  1. Michelle
    7th February 2016 / 10:01 pm

    Fantastic idea. A friend of ours is suffering from ovarian cancer and has attended these sessions at the Robert Ogden centre at St James’s Hospital in Leeds. It is very uplifting for them to be able to go to somewhere and socialise with others who are going through the dreaded C. These centres help them to feel better about themselves and give them that little bit of strength and quality me time.

  2. 9th February 2016 / 4:49 pm

    Fab post, and lots of love to you, your mum and family. Xx

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