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I’ve been on some amazing dates in my time (credit goes to the boyfriend for that one) but I’ve never actually planned a date myself and when got in touch I thought it the perfect opportunity for me to create the ultimate date.

Now the idea here is to do all things internet related, well come on I am a blogger after all! So I got thinking as to what fun internet things we could do on a date. This gave me a good excuse to catch up on Virtually Famous, all in the name of research of course.

I’ve decided to make a day of it, and start with a nice morning stroll to find all the best ‘planking’ places (I know it’s a bit old but come on who doesn’t love planking?).
To work up an appetite (oh there’ll be food) an afternoon session learning how to Gangnam Style is on the cards, and to cool off afterwards an ice bucket challenge is in order!

After all that we deserve to chill out in front of Game of Thrones (we’re only onto series 3, so please no spoilers) and of course hit up Just Eat to order the biggest pizza possible!

I don’t know about you but I think that makes a pretty good date!

The boyfriend’s verdict.  “sounds good, as long as you’re paying, oh and Jon Snow dies”

If you’d like to win the #InternetsBestDate you can head over to twitter and enter the awesome competition!

Oh and it wouldn’t be an internet related post with out a cat gif now would it! 


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