Facacia Skincare: Initial Thoughts

New skincare brand alert *oooooohs*. 
Facacia Skincare was created by celebrity makeup artist Gary Cockerill and is set to launch tomorrow on QVC!
And when they dropped through my letterbox this morning, I quickly got testing in order to share my first impressions. 
First up is the Facacia Anti-Bacterial Face Wash*, which is a dual action foaming wash. I wetted my face, massaged it in and left it for 1 minute per the instructions. The face wash didn’t feel as luxurious to use as some others, but my skin was left very refreshed without the horrible tight sensation of most foaming washes! 
Therefore I’d probably only use this as a morning cleanser as I prefer something slightly more moisturising for the evening! I also love that it contains salicylic acid to help keep spots at bay, a very handy ingredient in my books! 
I can’t say that I love the packaging as it feels a bit plastic-y and you can see the 2 cylinders of product from the bottom, which I don’t like. 
Now onto the Facacia Anti-Bacterial Serum*. This vitamin rich serum is very moisturising and I really enjoyed using it! It left my skin feeling extremely smooth and nourished and the packaging feels much more sturdy and expensive! 
Interestingly Facacia is owned my MediChem Ldt, which also own Makeup Revolution! And I know they have just released some similar products, so I’d be interested to see how they compare! 
But there we go, a quick look into the new skincare brand Facacia! Will you be picking anything up from QVC tomorrow? 

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  1. 8th August 2014 / 11:03 pm

    These look identical to the Makeup Revolution ones. Hmmm, I wonder if the actual product is the same, or just the packaging…

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