The Post Planner

I’m on a bit of a blogging roll as of late, with some extra time on my hands I decided to get my photo face and typing fingers at the ready for a post overload.

If this blogging rampage was to run smoothly then I had to stay organised, so a new system was developed and trialled here at Lucia. The Post Planner. With a pretty lined notebook and pen in hand, the planning commenced.

The system works like this: page title to keep things looking tidy, standard. Bullet point post ideas, with  a line gap, again to look tidy.
Now here comes the main event, 2 ticky boxes, yes you heard me right, 2. The first of such boxes gets a little check when the post has been photographed and written. The second is ticked when the post is published.

I find this little system keeps me very organised as I can log all ideas, know when they have been written and published. I can also look back at old post ideas, helping me not repeat myself too much…

So let me know if you give The Post Planner a go, for either your own blog or general life organisation, and gosh darn do I need some of the latter…


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