REN ClearCalm3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser

REN ClearCalm3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser £18

As a self confessed beauty junkie I like to try a variety of different products, so when I found myself hurriedly trying to finish other cleansers just so I can purchase my third bottle of this stuff, I knew it must be good!

REN is a very ‘clean’ brand, including no nasties in their products and personally I find that very reassuring when slathering something on my face everyday. More specifically, this cleanser is clay based, targeting blemish prone skin (I’m a normal to oily gal myself) yet keeps the skin very moisturised. Along with a whole host of other lovely ingredients this cleanser helped calm my skin and reduce redness, and really helped balance my skin throughout its worst acne phase.

This is a very gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin at all. It has a creamy consistency, taking of nearly all makeup but like most cleansers struggles a bit with waterproof mascara. The scent I found a little strange at first (lets just say its distinctive) but I now love it,  I’ve put it down to some psychological association with gaining clearer skin.

I think I love this cleanser so much because I can use it during any skin catastrophe situation, be it a super oily day or feeling a little dry in places, this stuff will sort it out.

So despite a moderately high price tag, I can see myself repurchasing this for years to come. Thank you REN!


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