Well as soon as skincare goddess Caroline Hirons mentions any product the beauty blogging world goes crazy, and I am indeed part of that craze. 
So after umming and ahhing as to whether I needed this product, the great reviews started to stack up. So a boots order was placed. Hydraluron is a clear gel serum of the purest hyaluronic acid. To my non beauty obsessive friends reading this- hyaluronic acid is an acid found naturally in the skin and it holds up to 1000 times its weight in water, it basically locks the moisture into your skin. So you need less moisturiser! 
I wasn’t sure what effects I would see from this product but was intrigued to find out. But I have to say that its love, hydraluron is brilliant. My skin instantly feels plumper and more smooth, I also found that my scarring has decreased and my skin looks generally healthier. I really love this product and would highly recommend it, Im running low so I can see a repurchase coming on… 

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