Step By Step: Arabic Eye

Well I ain’t no makeup artist but I sure am a makeup obsessive and with that comes hours of playing around with techniques, colours and a whole lotta bioderma to finish. I thought I would give a Step by Step post a go as I love makeup tutorial style posts myself, so why the heck not eh? I went for an arabic inspired eye as I love a good cut crease me, so here goes…

Photo 1: I already had my mascara on from the day and we can’t all be perfect beauty bloggers so I decided to leave it on. The only thing in step 1 was to pop on a base colour to even out my eyelids and have something to blend onto later, for this I used MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow.

Photo 2: Here I used the shade NAKED 2 from the Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette and started to plot out the shape I wanted through the crease. I used a tapered brush to put it through the socket and then did a quick blendy blendy with a fluffy brush to smooth the edges.

Photo 3: In step 3 I started to define the crease area using a darker brown shade, for this I used MAC Espresso Eyeshadow. I also pulled the eyeshadow out slightly to create a winged eye.

Photo 4: Now time to wap out the MAC 266 angle brush and plot where I want my gel liner, using the same dark brown shadow (maybe some Carbon shadow too).

Photo 5: Then using my Clinique Gel Liner, I followed my line. I also took the liner into the crease to make it darker and sharper, making sure to blend it a little before it set.

Photo 6: Then I just filled in my brows a little using the NAKED 2 shade, and also took some of the Espresso under the eyes.

Finito, 6 steps to an arabic inspired eye. And I can tell you it was a darn sight quicker to do than it was to get the post up (blogger issues eh!). So there we go my first step by step and hopefully blogger will work with my again to get a few more up in the future.


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