As I said in my last post the sun was shining and it was hot on friday (not the case for the next day when monsoon season started) so I decided to take some outfit snaps, with the help of Toby of course.

I went for my well worn black Topshop Leigh jeans as I love these to pieces, although they do soak up the sun leaving you with roasted legs, nice. I also popped on this grey top-jumper hybrid from M&S, too thick to be a top, too thin to be a jumper, but perfect for these spring days. I love the 3/4 length sleeves and the loose fit, a wardrobe staple.

To accessorise I went with my lucky necklace that my friend Molly made me (featuring the letters ‘FF’ and yes we will be friends forever) and also an old domino necklace that I picked up from Topman. On the wrist, my trusty Urban Outfitters watch, favourite Black Tied cross bracelet and a coral bangle from a set from Accessorize (pinched from Anna).

Shades, bag and shoes. I picked up these keyhole sunglasses from ASOS last year, they get the thumbs up from me as they haven’t snapped like numerous Topshop pairs! The bag is actually another ‘pinched from Anna’ piece, it is a real leather satchel from Grafea and its beautiful. No surprise but its converse time, now with blue paint on them too, time for a new pair, I think so!

Well that was my super simple outfit, although not really an outfit of the day as it was so hot that I got changed. But don’t worry an outfit post for my more summery clothes is on its way too!

Since writing this post my watch has stopped, so maybe not so trusty (although its nearly 2 years old) and I also sat on my sunglasses and had to crack out the super glue. Just my luck. 


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