Day in the Life No.1

I have been busy busy as of late so blogging had to take a back seat for a while (but come June I will be on a blogging rampage I’m sure). So I thought I would do a little lifestyle esque post and pop in some furry, feathery faces too!

1. Here is the Toby dog, not without his beloved badger toy, he is nearly 3 and your typical labrador.
2. Today was so hot and sunny (so much that I managed bare legs and arms) so whilst out I thought I’d get practising at my macro shots, these blue bells didn’t turn out half bad if I say so myself.
3. I managed to make myself the worlds largest wrap (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, ham, cheese, coleslaw: the usual) so had to pin it down with cocktail sticks to avoid a salad explosion.
4. Didn’t last long eh?
5. Also meet Repeckah, 1 of 3 of our hens. They lay darn good eggs.
6. The mandatory friday night Coca-Cola.
7. More macro and a watering can.
8. And of course me, in the sun, with my shades. What could be better?

So hopefully I will be back to blogging soon and that I can pop up an outfit post this week. Let the blogging commence.



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