Ombre Anna…

L’Oreal Preference Wild Ombres No.3 £6

I have never dyed my hair, I have never dyed anyone else’s hair, so when my sister asked to help her dip dye I was somewhat dubious. Surprised as I was to find Anna further tempted into the beauty world, she was keen to experiment with ombre, and I was on hand to help (we made a verbal contract so that if a disaster occurred I was not to blame, phew…). 

Firstly we set up a little station with all the bits and pieces and made sure to give the instructions a good read before getting started. And with gloves on I got cracking, starting at the bottom I brushed in the dye working it upwards. From the mid-dye image you can see I attempted to concentrate the dye on the ends to achieve a smooth gradient. You will also notice the stylish bin bag dress which is a staple in anyones dip-dying wardrobe!

Left to develop for up to 45 mins and voila, the end result looks great! Pretty darn natural if I say so myself. A few notes to add, we are going to pop back to boots to get some purple shampoo to help take out any of the brassy tones and also a hefty dose of moroccan oil is needed as Anna’s hair is now rather dry. Also I think this is a 2 person job (possibly easier on short hair) so a willing helper is required for smooth application.

Shall I take the plunge too? I’m not yet convinced its for me, but Anna looks great!


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