Soap and Glory

Its always a dangerous time when boots has a 3 for 2 offer on, and this time was the turn for some new Soap and Glory additions to the stash.

After about half an hour oohing and ahhing over what to pick I plumped for the Clean on Me Shower Gel, Pulp Friction Body Scrub and the Righteous Body Butter Lotion. Although I could have easily bought the lot!
I was most excited to try the scrub (and yes the name had something to do with that, although I haven’t even seen Pulp Fiction) for the fruity smell and skin smoothing promises. I really enjoyed using it and it foamed up too which I wasn’t expecting (although it does say it on the bottle, I’m so observant..).
Not much to say about the shower gel, it did the job and smelt nice but nothing on the original source shower gel in lime! 
Now, being a devoted lover of the original Righteous Body Butter I had high hopes for the lotion version, and boy was it good! It has the same classic ‘Soap and Glory’ smell (is it just me who thinks it smells like suncream?) but lighter in consistency and easier to apply. The packaging is also much better with the pump applicator, and in terms of price 300ml of the butter costs £10.50 and 500ml of the lotion only £10, don’t need no maths A-level to figure that one out. Although I will be using this up so quickly that I may have to buy another one rather soon! 
Well the pamper evening using these was very successful, and once scrubbed and moisturised, and with the mani-pedi complete there was just enough time to kick back with some macaroni cheese and The Graham Norton Show. 

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