My Skin Story

So I thought I would share my skin story, now I know there would be no point in chatting about it unless I had experienced problems, and you guessed it, acne. I know I have not adorned this post with beautiful pictures of my skin… but thats because I have those lovely snaps saved for an upcoming post on the effects of Alpha-H Liquid Gold, so look forward to that one!

So back to my skin, I had acne, and thats about it really! It first started out on my back and after a few years I decided a trip to the GPs was necessary to get it sorted out, I was prescribed antibiotics to try and kill the bacteria. Now obviously that didn’t work otherwise this story would be very boring, I was subsequently prescribed numerous other antibiotics and topical treatments, during this time the acne had spread across my face (I had the dreaded spot beard).
So the Doctor referred me to the dermatologist, (heres were the story gets juicy) and I was indeed prescribed Roacutane. I was on the drug for around 5 months and it did work in clearing up my acne.

Science Snippet: Roacutane works by decreasing the sebum production of the skin by 90% (so your skin starts to shrivel like a prune, lush).

The drug does however come with many nasty side effects, of which i experienced: dry lips and skin, back ache, fatigue, occasionally feeling sick and generally feeling poopy. And to note, half way through my course my dose was decreased to help reduce these side effects, which helped a lot!

Now after being off the drug for some time, my skin is clear and spot free! But I am still fighting these pesky scars. Well thats it on the skin front for now.


Disclaimer: I am in no way encouraging the use of roacutane or any other drug, if you suffer from acne please go to your doctor and discuss the options suitable for you. What didn’t work for me may work for you, so always try a less invasive treatment first (only as prescribed by your doctor).


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