Alpha H Liquid Gold | Before and After

 Alpha H Liquid Gold £31.50, Before, After 1 use, After 6 uses.

After hearing all the hype around this product I couldn’t help but give it a go and also share these beautiful pics of my skin with the world. I’ve seen reviews stating it to be a miracle product and with my current skin problems, read more here, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Alpha H Liquid Gold is basically an acid used to chemically exfoliate the skin, leaving it refreshed and hopefully clear. As you can see there was noticeable differences after just the first use, my scars had calmed down and look positively less red. However I’m yet to see further significant improvements.

I have been using it by its self, after cleansing, but it can be followed by a moisturiser or serum. I am happy with this product as I know its doing wonders for my skin, but hopefully after a little longer it will help rid me of these pesky scars. I will definitely do an update post on Liquid Gold as I continue to use it, but at over £30 I hope to see some more results.


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