Hello, hello! Long time no speak here on Dinosaur Dances and to be honest a lot has changed in my life, but that can wait for another day because right now we’re here for the home decor. I am however back at University for my final year and once again have the pleasure of decorating a new bedroom. I’ve been quite lucky over the years with my uni bedrooms, the worst of it being brown carpets and floral wallpaper! However this year myself and my best friend Hannah hit housing gold with a blank canvas of white (okay cream) walls and wooden floorboards, so I’ve really been able to decorate it how I’d like. So let’s get into the tour!Blue velvet chair home decor

The chair. I’ve wanted a velvet chair for the longest time but even the likes of Home Sense are way out of my student budget. So when I spotted this teal dream at a French market I just couldn’t resist. Big shoutout to my mum and step dad who drove it hundreds of miles home for me, best €25 I’ve ever spent. I’d also like to introduce you to Sid, my new plant baby, who I’ll try my best to keep alive.

Rug | Cushion | Bedside Table | Planter | Plant

Desenio sea foam print and ladder storageI really wanted to inject some colour into the room, so spent a good few hours scrolling the Desenio website to find the perfect prints. I’m going for the casual ‘wall lean’ vibe but let’s be honest I just can’t put things up on rented walls! I bought this little ladder shelf back in London but it’s the perfect way to display bits and bobs, along with my ridiculous perfume collection.

Oh Crepe Print | Sea Foam Print | Ladder ShelfCopper Frame
Macbook pro 13 inch cushions on bed

New bed, new bedding. Okay so I could have stopped at the new M&S quilt cover but I may have gotten a little carried away and updated my cushions too… Let’s also not talk about my new MacBook as my bank account is still wincing at the thought.

Bedding | Patterned Cushion | Pink Fluffy Cushion | Laptop Casecactus print and glass ikea lamp

This is the first time I’ve not had my bed squished into a corner, which meant I *needed* a second bedside light. This gorgeous glass dome lamp is new in from Ikea and I absolutely love it, the pink glass gives a lovely warm hue which makes even the coldest of uni rooms seem snuggly.

Lamp | Small Copper Frame | Large Copper Framedesk home decor

A desk is a student room essential, although mine will probably be used more for makeup than reading…

Desk | Desk Chair | Rug | Gold Pot | Makeup Storage Drawerscosy bedroom crosley record player home decor Crosley Record Player
home sweet home

And there we have a little look into my new uni room, I really hope you like it!

It really is home sweet home.


IMG_7394 IMG_7401 IMG_7406Ahh Valentine’s Day, it’s that time again. A time where most people complain about the corporate marketing scam forcing you to buy your loved ones a smooshy card and some chocolates. But that’s not how I see it at all. Who cares if the CEO of Clintons is laughing as you reluctantly hand over £3 for a tacky card, if there’s an excuse to stop, slow down and appreciate the people you love then why the heck not?

I’ve always loved this time of year, from back in the day when myself and my best friends would celebrate Galentine’s Day by getting cheesy little gifts for each other or fast forward to today where I have the best boy in the world to actually call my Valentine (I just vommed a little). It’s actually mine and Lewis’ 2nd anniversary the day after Valentine’s Day so I can’t wait to have an excuse to be super soppy, eat as much as possible and warrant extra cuddles.

Now when it comes to gifting it’s quite a tricky one for us as within the last couple of months we’ve had Christmas and both of our 21st Birthday’s. So I for one have run out of ideas! But what better than fragrance? Both myself and Lewis are huge fragrance fans and have ever expanding collections, so when Hugo Boss asked if I’d like to try The Scent For Him* and The Scent For Her* I jumped at the chance. Could it get any cuter than matching perfumes?

I hadn’t really heard much about these specific fragrances before however I’m a big fan of some other Hugo Boss ones (don’t tell Lewis that I often steal his Boss Bottled) so was excited to test them. Now lets just start off by saying I’ve not worn any other perfume for the last few weeks, The Scent For Her is simply beautiful. It’s a gorgeous combination of feminine sweetness, light florals and crisp freshness. My absolute favourite. Think Marc Jacobs Daisy or Chanel Chance Eu Tendre for reference. And do I even need to mention the luxurious packaging?

The Scent For Him follows a very similar tone with it being very light and fruity, the perfect scent for spring summer. I actually think I’ll be wearing this one myself as Lewis will never be parted from his beloved Boss Bottled!

Fragrance is a timeless gift and something I’ll always be thrilled to receive! What Valentine’s gifts are you planning to give alongside that tacky Clintons card?


img_7363img_6247img_6187Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetOkay, so I’m not technically a fresher anymore but hear me out! When Canesten got in touch about their new freshers campaign, let’s be honest I was a little dubious at first, but I was intrigued about the concept and I realised that I myself needed to hear a few of the following things. So I’m writing this almost as a letter to my fresher self, some advice for little first year Lucy if you will.

You can do it. The first and most important thing I’d say to myself is ‘you can do it’. I have overcome so many things during my time as a student that I can no longer keep count. I’ve had a bumpy journey at times but no matter what, I’ve faced it head on and I’m still here to tell the tale.

Support. Uni can be a stressful time for a multitude of reasons so it’s incredibly important to have a good support network around you. From friends to family and even uni staff, support is vital! I met my best friend Hannah at the bus stop on the way to our very first lecture. She is an incredible friend and makes midnight essay writing almost fun!

Environment. I don’t know about you, but the way my room looks plays a huge part in how I feel. If it’s messy and drab then that’s how I feel. Uni halls can be the most dull of places and it’s quite the challenge to spruce them up, but fear not! With just a handful of cushions, blankets, posters, fairy lights, copper lamps and pictures of loved ones, you’ll feel right at home.

Staying healthy. Starting with the classic ‘freshers flu’, feeling poorly away from home sucks! Particularly when it comes to feminine hygiene as it’s a bit of an embarrassing topic. Heck, I didn’t even get my flu jab in first year as I was too nervous to visit the doctors alone (I realise how silly this sounds now). But as a grown up for the first time it’s all too easy to ignore issues when they arise and let them spiral out of control. Canesten is dedicated to spreading the word that, actually, these things happen to all of us and we shouldn’t be so embarrassed about our health. Whether it’s staying fresh with their range of intimate hygiene products, or relieving the symptoms of cystitis with something a little more dedicated like the CanesOasis. However, if you’re ever worried about anything, head to the doctors, I can promise that they don’t bite!

Study. I’m not here to tell you to start those essays early, I wouldn’t want to preach what I can’t practice! But I do want to say don’t worry. Studying at uni can be very stressful, but at the end of the day, if you try your best then you should be proud.

Have fun. Okay so I said the first one was the most important, but having fun is! University has been the best few years of my life and has brought so many amazing opportunities my way. I’m currently living and working in London, but still get student discount, could it get any better? But seriously, university has taught me so many things and I’ve met the most wonderful people. Just look after yourself, have fun and clean your dishes.

This post is in collaboration with Canesten. All views remain my own.


14795925_10210866922498005_112146885_o14625731_10210900112519235_2069250752_o 14787490_10210866911177722_1621868611_oI’ve lived in London for a good few months now, I know my central line and I’ve exhausted most of the traditional London sights. So today I thought I’d share some hidden gems and over looked places in the big city.

House of Minalima. One of the first places I visited when I moved down was the House of Minalima. A 4 story terrace in the heart of Soho filled with the works of Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima. If you’re wondering who on earth these guys are then just pop on your favourite Harry Potter film and you might just see some of their work. Minalima were responsible for all graphic design work featured in the Harry Potter films, from Harry’s acceptance letter to The Marauder’s Map. It’s free entry, although I’ll warn you now that you might want to purchase the entire gift shop. Also the exhibition is only open until February 2017, so get yourselves down to 26 Greek Street.

Holland Park. Everyone knows and loves Hyde Park and there’s no doubt it makes a lovely day out. However having spent an afternoon exploring Holland Park, it’s gone straight to the top of my favourite parks list (everyone has one of these lists right…). Forget simply grass and a few trees as every corner you turn in Holland Park reveals something different. From forest areas filled with wildlife, to perfectly curated gardens and even a few tennis courts, this park has it all. Can you tell that this city girl misses her country home yet?

Carnaby Street. Okay so this isn’t exactly unknown, but hear me out! I wanted to mention Carnaby Street as the place to go for boutique shopping, unique stores and bonkers cafes. I love wondering down this quirky road, stumbling upon shops like We Built This City (which has a beautiful floor if you’re after the perfect Instagram). Plus don’t get me started on how excited I am that Urban Decay is arriving soon! Once you’ve worked up an appetite then look no further than Coccywoccydoodah, an Alice in Wonderland inspired chocolate heaven, serving every chocolate delight you could imagine.

That’s all for now, but perhaps after another few months of city life I’ll have discovered a few more gems. Also please let me know your favourite places in London!


img_7192img_7210img_7238img_7197img_7250img_7204 img_7260There’s finally some leaves on the ground, the air is crisp and I’m definitely in need of a warmer coat! So in the meantime jumpers, scarves and a cup of hot tea will have to suffice.

Once all of my Saturday morning chores were out of the way (I’ll pretend to complain but I secretly love cleaning), I spent the afternoon wandering around the beautiful streets of Holland Park. With my boyfriend in tow and some recent remarks that I haven’t blogged in forever, he kindly took these wonderful photos for me.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons (did someone say Christmas is on it’s way?) and autumn fashion is some of my favourite also. I can still style up those lighter summer layers with chunky scarves, winter boots and roll necks. Oh and just wait until I crack out the bobble hats.

Coat: Primark | Scarf: Primark | Jumper: Missguided | Skirt: New Look | Bag: Whistles | Boots: ASOS

Note to Lewis: please keep nagging me to blog.