Lost is a big word, one with many meanings. I don’t often write very personal posts but I’m much better at writing down how I feel as opposed to speaking it, so here we are. Hiding behind a keyboard can sometimes be a wonderful thing it… View Post

It’s definitely not been a lush spring day in York today as we woke up to heavy snow! But the chilly weather is actually making me want to jump in a cosy LUSH bath pronto, made all the easier with the latest spring releases. Last week… View Post

Okay please ignore my socks that have crept into these outfit shots, they don’t go with the outfit very well but I guess that’s what you get for not doing your washing and running out of plain black socks. Let’s just focus on the rest… View Post

I don’t wear fake lashes that often, okay I could count the number of times I’ve worn them on both hands. Not to mention half of those times have been solely for the purpose of fancy dress. However when Threads Beauty got in touch to… View Post

A few days ago (4th of Feb) was World Cancer Day so I thought it the perfect time to post about my trip to Maggie’s Centre with my mum for a Look Good Feel Better makeup session. In the summer of 2015 my mum was diagnosed… View Post

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I’ve started to think about what to wear, eat and gift! Now this year is my first proper Valentine’s day, that is the first time I have a real boyfriend rather than me and my friend Hope getting… View Post